How to reach Gtb Nagar Metro Station Outram Lines Mukherjee Nagar Delhi

If you want to reach gtb nagar metro station outram lines mukherjee nagar delhi, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, you will know all the routes to reach there.

Public Transport:


  • Fastest & Convenient: The Yellow Line (HUDA City Centre – Sikandarpur) provides direct access:
    • Board a Yellow Line train towards HUDA City Centre or Samaypur Badli.
    • Alight at GTB Nagar Metro Station.
    • Take Exit Gate No. 4 located on the platform level.
    • Once outside, turn right onto Banda Bahadur Marg.
    • Walk approximately 200 meters along Banda Bahadur Marg.
    • You’ll reach Outram Lines on your right.
    • Mukherjee Nagar is across the Ring Road from the station, accessible via the pedestrian underpass near Gate No. 4 or the flyover.

Public Buses:

  • Extensive Network: Numerous DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses connect various parts of Delhi to GTB Nagar and the surrounding areas:
    • Look for buses mentioning “GTB Nagar”, “Outram Lines”, “Mukherjee Nagar”, “Banda Bahadur Marg”, or “Ring Road” in their route. Relevant routes include 100, 104, 167, 192, 260STL, 901, 912LSTL, and EMU 64001.
    • Several buses stop near GTB Nagar Metro Station, requiring a short walk (less than 5 minutes) to Outram Lines.
    • Others might drop you directly on Outram Lines or closer to Mukherjee Nagar.
    • Affordable: Fares typically range from INR 5-15.
    • Cons: Traffic congestion can impact travel time.

Other Options:


  • Most Comfort: Book a cab on the app.
  • Inform the driver about your specific destination within the area (Outram Lines or Mukherjee Nagar) and any preferred landmarks for easier navigation. 
  • Travel time: Depending on traffic and your pickup location. 
  • Cost: Expensive, fare is visible on the while booking the ride.

Auto Rickshaws:

  • Good for Short Distances: Suitable if coming from nearby areas like Kingsway Camp, Model Town, or Azadpur. 
  • Remember to ask the fare before boarding and clearly mention your destination as “Outram Lines” or “Mukherjee Nagar”. 
  • Specify landmarks like GTB Nagar Metro Station, Banda Bahadur Marg flyover, or Mukherjee Nagar Market for easier navigation. 
  • Drop-off Point: Autos can drop you off at various points within the area depending on your destination and traffic. 
  • Travel time: Depends on distance and traffic. 
  • Cost: Affordable for short trips, fare negotiation is needed.


  • Eco-Friendly and Healthy: Feasible if staying within walking/cycling distance (less than 1 km) in surrounding areas like Kingsway Camp, Model Town Phase I, or Mukherjee Nagar North Campus. 


You can use any of the above transportation modes to reach gtb nagar metro station outram lines mukherjee nagar delhi hassle-free.

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